Tips For How To Curve The Ball In Golf


You have a concern that most golfers do not have; instead of wanting to reduce a slice or a hook you want to learn how to intentionally hit draws and fades. These are good shots to have in golf and traditionally the best ball strikers in golf have always been able to shape their shot at will — and so will you.

Lies, Myths and Misinformation

There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to shaping shots in golf. For over 50 years of golf the PGA and others have promoted a strategy for shaping shots that has since been proven as incorrect according to modern research. Unfortunately, a lot of instructors and players still promote these inaccurate strategies such as that a draw is created by rolling your wrists and a fade is cause by simply opening the club face. Even the simple idea of opening and closing your stance are not the complete story. If you really want to learn more about this subject please research “the new ball flight laws” and the “D Plane” you will find a wealth of practical and scientific information about what really controls the flight path of the ball.

How To Draw The Ball

Most people who are recovering from being a slicer often choose to go the opposite direction and learn how to hit a draw. Draws typically fly higher, have more distance and are easier for most golfers to master than a fade. One concept that you must understand is delivery path. Delivery path has more influence over you flight path than anything else. With a draw, you hands typically take an inside path on the back swing and extend more outward on the downswing. It is very much a slightly in-to-out swing path.

How To Fade The Ball

The Fade is the shot that made Ben Hogan a legend and that allowed Jack Nicklaus dominate golf and become the best player of all time. The fade is hit by keeping the club in the center of the body on the back swing, not too far in or out, and then by tracing a path that is slightly to the left of the intended direction where you want the ball to end. Fades are typically hit out-to-in, in-to-in or by simply going left on the down swing to start the ball left for a right handed golfer.

Use these tips and you will be able to curve the ball at will.