The Outdoors Is Tough On Your Skin

climbingI’m sure you’ll excuse this post for being a little ‘girly’, but when you spend a lot of time outdoors you do find that your skin takes a beating. We all know how much damage sun can do to your skin, but wind will dry your skin out in no time too.

Then there’s rain – no problem with a quick shower, but if your skin stays wet for long periods of time nasty things start happening to it. And if it’s salt water because your outdoors means surfing, yachting or other sea sports, then you already know what I mean.

But sun is probably the biggest problem particularly in places of high UV radiation. That can mess your skin up (and your life) pretty fast without some extra care. Even more so if your complexion is fair, or if you’re using any products that make your skin lighter or more susceptible to UV. So people using skin whitening creams for example need take even more care, as these creams are mostly used on the face which is typically the most exposed part of our body. People with Melasma in particular are likely to be using these kind of creams. Meladerm is one of the most popular brands of this kind of product (see the homepage here for more info), although there are lots of other brands available that you might be using too.

All of which means regular application of good quality sunscreen is vital (you can find more tips on skincare in this infographic). So don’t forget to protect your skin when enjoying your outdoor sports, slop on the sunscreen when you’re rock climbing, and clean and treat those minor grazes and cuts afterwards. It’s girly, but it might just save your life, literally.